Hi! I am Adriana, currently 21 years old. After going through an eating disorder of seven years and Anorexia for two, I have realized that the right path and direction for my life to head is towards focusing more on  nutrition and food.

Slowly, as I recovered from anorexia, I found what truly made me happy. This being, the excitement and passion to transform others lives struggling with eating disorders – or even simply trying to find balance. 

As my relationship with food and the gym improved, so did my confidence. This opened so many doors for me, and I no longer felt that I was missing out in life. I had spent so much time isolated from everyone, that I ruined so many experiences for myself. Ever since I was given a second chance at living, my life has been an adventure!

I created this blog with the intention of inspiring those struggling, to live a healthier, happier and beautiful lifestyle. My main goal is to reach out to as many individuals as I can. I want my blog to be a place where readers can relate and be influenced to make personal growth mentally and physically.

I am excited to share my JOURNEY and experiences with you through my wonderfully messy life, that I endlessly love.