Ultimate Travel Bucket List

I love making lists. I create them at home for chores, in school for ordering important to least important projects or tests to do and even at work. But this list is different compared to those, this one involves things I actually want to do. It may… actually it WILL take YEARS to accomplish, but I am okay with that because every so often, it is important to come back down to reality to focus on work and goals. Plus, putting time into my own work and goals allows me to progress further into my career and future, so that I am able to take time away from it to travel.

I have been travelling ever since I was a toddler – referring to those Disney trips that I do not have ANY memories of because I was so young! But from then on, I was lucky enough to travel to many places with my family, cousins and friends. I am so grateful for the adventures I have been given the opportunity to experience growing up.

So far I have been to a couple locations throughout Florida (Multiple times – my family refers to this spot as our second home, and our go-to vacation. It is nice to not be limited to what we can do, unlike a resort in the Caribbean.), Las Vegas, California, The Grand Canyon, New York City, Paris, London, England, Aruba, Montreal, Ottawa and Dominican Republic.

I am at an age now where travel can be done without needing parents by my side to guide me. I have visited the airports and travelled with them so many times that it comes easy to me to find my way through the airport, towards a destination… travel is actually really simple. This year I realized that I want to go on trips that involve experiencing more landscape and culture – though, a beach vacation to relax is nice every so often, especially to get away from the COLD.



I will continuously be adding to this list, and it is not in any specific order. I still have my research to do on specifically where I want to go at each destination – as this list is very transparent. I look forward to crossing each off!

  • Bali 
  • Hawaii
  • Italy (Amalfi Coast, Venice, Rome, Florence, etc.)
  • Greece (Santorini)
  • San Francisco
  • Switzerland
  • Australia
  • Iceland 
  • Bahamas (Exuma Island, Blue Hole)
  • Sweden
  • Maldives
  • Seattle
  • Washington
  • New Zealand
  • Fiji
  • Vancouver, B.C.
  • Spain
  • Thailand