Enhance Your Wellness Routine

I have been thinking of ideas for this blog post for a while, and I am excited to share what I have come up with! Some of it is common sense, but, I do believe people need to be reminded of a few small things in order to take care of the world we live in - and in return we will have added value to our own lives. It is important to focus on living and offering our best practices. We need a drive, and specific actions that follow, to have positive energy carry us through our day.
To live a well rounded lifestyle involves building yourself a routine. This routine should involve healthy and wholesome practices. But, ones that are simple and effortless. - AND most importantly, don’t affect your time (or in some cases money directly)!


Duh. This is a given. Is it really necessary to create more waste with cup we throw out when we get a coffee everyday… maybe sometimes even twice OR three times!? We often choose ways that leave US better off, rather than choosing the option that is better for almost ALL. Everyday billions of cups, straws and packages get thrown out - and I don’t need a reference from a site to prove this (haha). I know a lot of people think it is SUCH A HASSLE to bring their cup around with them or food containers, but, just weigh the positives with negatives. Is living in an earth filled with trash better than having to carry an extra item around? I don’t think so.
Here are a few links to check out some reusable cups and containers that I love & ones that come in MANY colours to fit your personality!

Reusable Cups:

Reusable Containers & Cutlery:


The simplest answer: WATER & VITAMINS.

Lets start with WATER.

Carry one of the reusable travel bottles linked above and fill it with water through out the day! Your office should have a fountain to access, the gym, or even if your at a cafe! Ask the barista kindly to fill up your bottle with fresh water.

- When you wakeup in the morning, have a cup of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon. Benefits include: balancing the pH of the body, promotes digestion, reduces muscle pain, provides the body with electrolytes and regulates bowel movements! VITAMIN C!

Vitamins & supplements for almost anyone in general!

Do you tend to be drawn to these detox/weight loss tea ads, jump on the bandwagon of a new pill/powder or find yourself taking pre-workout often? Well, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but those aren’t the best option. The best thing you can do, is understand how YOUR body works. But one example is taking Omega 3 fatty acids - which help boost the immune system and provide a positive effect on mood. You can get these fatty acids from foods and supplements! (Flax seeds, fish oil, salmon, chia seeds, eggs). Another example is a superfood formula - Genuine Health offers a Greens+ that includes antioxidants, probiotics and herbal extracts - providing your body with a bunch of nutrients we don’t consume regularly. Found here: https://www.genuinehealth.com/en-ca/products/green-foods/

*If you are hesitant taking something, just ask your doctor!*
- Elderberry
- Oil of Oregano
- Turmeric


Just eat your fatty fish (as an example) and dedicate 20-30 minutes of your day to go for a walk outside! Getting outdoors helps to increase energy levels and improve your mood. How could you not love some fresh air after being inside all day?