How To: Reconnect Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Gosh, where do I start.

These past couple of months have gone from having a clear mindset to almost not knowing exactly what I want for myself – fitness wise. I have jumped in and out of thoughts on should I not go to the gym and just take each day as a new. That meaning, should I find different activities to do instead of going to the gym to lift weights? Like… join a ballet class, go to spinning classes, practice more yoga, try to improve my cardio (I really want to be able to run far distances without getting bored or winded haha), take boxing, etc. Most of my decisions may relate to not seeing progress that I want to see, and my mentality getting in the way a lot of the time – some of my emotions are definitely a side effect the cold weather has on my mood (but it is not to blame).


I think I have come to a point where my mind, body and soul just aren’t connecting and communicating in a way I would like them too. I feel that I have far too much going on at once and trying to balance it all out is making it really hard for me physically and mentally. I reach burn out far more often than an individual should. I over work myself, I don’t rest long enough, I spend too much time on my phone and I overthink many things. In the next few weeks upcoming I am going to be at work everyday, and I am quite anxious to see how this will turn out – considering I’ll be lacking A TON of ME time. I love what I do but my approach is poor on how I maintain enjoyment. All this does circle back to my fitness situation. Because I am not progressing as much as I would like, I have kind of created the idea that the gym is ALMOST a chore to me. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the gym. I love lifting weights, keeping my heart rate up, and the feeling of getting stronger. But lately, when I am not improving each week, I feel like I have cheated myself… and I am really not enjoying that feeling. I almost feel the need to take a break and bring an Holistic approach into my lifestyle. I have always been interested in Holistic Nutrition – (but my mom is so against it that I have never gotten the chance to actually speak with a Holistic Nutritionist).

I am figuring a lot of this emotion has to do with me being tired, stressed, not feeling properly nourished and my hormones not kicking in fast enough. I feel that I have done as much as I could to try and fix all these situations in my life and I feel trapped… and that is why I now understand how important it is for the mind, body and soul to connect. It is going to be a long journey for me, and I will continue to lift weights along the way because of how it makes me feel and my passion towards it IS healthy. Through tons of practice, new routines and habits I finally know I’ll find growth in my life that I have been seeking.


I want to tie my thoughts back into the real world and into eating disorders by emphasizing the importance of learning to be free. There is nothing wrong if we choose to eliminate some of our goals, if we skip a day or even week from the gym. During these disordered phases, we over think things – especially food and we fail to look at it as a crucial nutrient. We create unsustainable goals for ourselves that we eventually become victims of. Our fitness and body image goals eventually manipulate and control us. A goal should not come before your physical, mental or emotional being.

You as a recovering individual or someone whose even seeking better balance in life needs to recognize that there comes a time when you need to let go of old habits, stop ignoring the pain, and specifically KNOW your limits. We tend to get to tied up in one thing and this is when our well-being gets covered by our goals shadow. Sure, set goals for the new year, but don’t create them in a way that will create this shadow. And by me saying that your well-being and goals should be related, I am not saying to set ones like “get abs by 2019” – I mean to set goals that compliment another so that your health is the main focus. It is not until then that your body will begin to respond in a way you want it too – you cannot force or speed up the process. Gaining your health back should not have any purpose to have abs by then end of 2019 (in this case), it should be to break free from an unhealthy body, mind and soul that is limiting you from living your best life and reconnect these three in a way that makes you the best version yet.

Simply… make the choice to do so. Feel the free you have been seeking, and you’ll quickly find purpose towards what truly matters to you.