30 Days of Self Development in Recovery

It does not take long to make something into a habit, but, just like habits, recovery is a hard process to adapt to and begin You can’t just JUMP into it. I thought why not take the next 30 days to complete a list of things that will help improve your pathway of recovery. Each day you will complete a small task in order to be one step and day closer to feeling better about your self, improving your mental health and increasing your self development. This 30 day guideline is to help strengthen your mindset.

Here is the list. Of course you can swap days, but number one is very important - and it should be the first step you take into tackling your recovery. Some days may repeat, but that is not an error. Repeated days involve a lot of stretching, staying in and relaxing - things that really allow your body to release tension and emotion.

  1. Delete or unfollow any toxic photos or instagram ‘influencers’ that trigger you to think you need to change the way you look in order to be ‘accepted’ by society OR makes you feel that you need to be thin because of the type of content you have saved.

  2. Stay in and relax. Cuddle up in your favourite spot with a good book, a informative podcast or a cup of tea - and spend the day reflecting on how you plan to make progress the next 30 days. Stay warm, stay comfortable, and fight the feeling of becoming anxious for staying in for a whole day.

  3. Go for a slow walk outdoors. Fresh air makes a huge impact on your mood. Try to aim to walk in the morning so that your mood is set for the rest of the day. You also will likely feel more energized to complete your list of to-dos for the day!

  4. Go out and find yourself a new pillow. When was the last time you got a new pillow? A pillow is an important factor in getting a good sleep - and rest during recovery is even more important. Talk to the ‘pillow experts’ (haha) at the store you go to, and let them guide you in finding the best pillow for your best night sleep from here on!

  5. Ask yourself: What do you like about yourself that you seem to forget? What do you miss about your ‘old’ self?

  6. Organize and clean your room or even your washroom. Get rid of things you are holding onto for no reason at all. If it doesn’t instantly spark a ‘keep it’ response, throw it out.

  7. Wake up and stretch. Find a slow yoga or stretch video and follow along the movements to lessen the tension in your muscles and body.

  8. Write down anything that makes you happy.

  9. Plan a trip you want to take in the future. Spend time searching for ‘must-see spots’, hidden gems and beaches (if applicable to the place you seek to visit). Create a whole itinerary and save it!

  10. Take time to breathe. Dedicate 5 minutes, every 3-4 hours to focus on your breathing.

  11. Treat yourself. I’m positive you have accomplished things. Whether that be getting your dream job in the past, getting a good grade, etc. Buy yourself a spa day, new shoes, or a gorgeous necklace you have had your eye on for a while.

  12. Turn your phone off for the entire day, or refrain from going on social media or anything relevant to that.

  13. Create a vision board of your future career goals, vacations you wish to go on, your dream home - anything that doesn’t relate to body image.

  14. Do nothing. Take another day to sit back at home and relax. Or instead choose a cafe and go sit there for a bit with a book. Try to avoid being on a phone or electronic device. Maybe even purchase a coffee for someone behind you in line - if you choose to go to a cafe.

  15. Ask yourself: What do you plan to achieve in the next 5, maybe 10 years?

  16. Learn or try something new!

  17. Bake or buy a little gift for a family member or friend whose supported you along your recovery journey.

  18. Stretch again. Dedicate 10 - 30 minutes to this.

  19. Design a morning routine for yourself. What are three things you think will set your mood for the entire day upon waking up? Practice these for the rest of the 30 days, and continue them after if you feel they have really helped.

  20. Learn how, and challenge yourself to cook a complex meal. Make sure you dedicate time to plating it - make your masterpiece even more of a masterpiece!

  21. Dedicate time to a homemade pamper day. Wash and dry your hair, cut and buff your nails and moisturize. Go old school and put a face mask on with fresh cucumber slices on your eyelids for 5-10 minutes. Do any self pampering that makes you feel refreshed and awake.

  22. Create a budget list for yourself, to save for something big (like maybe that trip itinerary you created earlier in the thirty days!).

  23. Set your phone background to something that makes you smile and warm inside. Right now, my phone background is a photo of my kitten, Dolce. He is all white, with these gorgeous ice-blue eyes, and seeing that every time I open my phone reminds me of the comfort a pet can bring to someone. It also reminds me of why I have him in my life.
    A little short story about him… I think he was supposed to be my cat. I woke up one day and decided I wanted a white cat with blue eyes SO BAD.. I emailed every pet store within a few km from my home and not even a day later, the store closest to me said they had a new born kitten, who could be brought home when he was old enough. My parents then surprised me, and got him for me as a way to cope with my mental health…. although he is MY cat, he hangs out with my mom the most haha.

24. Create a playlist. Base this playlist off of happy lo-fi, relaxing, spa music. Make this a go-to playlist when you are trying to fall asleep, taking a bath, or whilst practicing yoga, meditation or your stretching routine.

25. Research something that you have always wanted to know about. That could be how the mind works, the life in space, the history of the world, why animals act a certain way, etc!

26. Watch the sunset, or watch it rise.

27. Get outdoors!

28. ♡♡♡ YOU PICK ♡♡♡

29. Set intentions. Ask yourself “how are you… really?”.

30. Really listen to your body today. Listen to hunger cues and address how you are feeling emotionally. Also, give attention to your level of energy. If you are tired, take a nap or go to bed. Don’t push you body to stay awake. Put your phone down, avoid going on it today too.