15 Things No One Tells You About Battling Anorexia

  1. It manipulates your relationships. Subconsciously you create a toxic relationship with your family, friends and boyfriend.

  2. It does not seem like a bad thing to you because you feel you have control over something in your life when everything else seems to be controlled through something else.

  3. Being thin gives you a feeling of acceptance. You feel good about being the smallest person in the room.

  4. You loose your appearance completely. Gaunt, wrinkles around your mouth, thinning hair.

  5. You actually grow fine hairs on your face and body that never had hair before.

  6. Your reaction time is much slower.

  7. You fail to feel emotions toward things. Things like anger, love, hate, sad, etc. all seem to feel the same way.

  8. Each day has to be exactly the same. You walk ‘x’ amount one day, you must walk ‘x’ amount the next.

  9. Chilled to the BONE. You are always always always going to be cold - no matter the amount of layers on your body.

  10. Nothing is funny anymore, because you can’t laugh physically.

  11. The people around you will never give up on you. They believe in you.

  12. You have no idea what a normal intake of food is like after eating such a small amount for so long.

  13. Recovery is possible!

  14. Recovery happens for all different reasons. There is not a secret way, it’s just coming to realize what you are doing to yourself, who you have hurt, and what you have been missing out on.

  15. The hospital might seem scary and a bad idea, but having the right mindset whilst there is going to help you in the longest of runs - LIFE.