Finding Your Passion in Recovery


A passion is able to make an individual feel genuinely happy and wholesome about their body, lifestyle and current mindset – it helps to release emotions we prefer not to have, such as anger, depression and stress.

Before entering into recovery we normally followed a daily routine, that we religiously obeyed, in order to feel ‘safe’ and confident that we are progressing towards whatever this ‘goal’ was to become thinner. A lot of the time this usually involves incorporating the gym. I have come across many who spent hours at the gym trying to burn every last possible calorie consumed that day… me being one of them – except I did genuinely enjoy the gym and my workouts… no matter how intense and long they were. The only thing I dreaded was cardio, but I knew that if I did it, I would be closer and closer to becoming thinner and thinner. Anyway, my point to start off is based on those who suffer from eating disorders and anorexia, abuse the gym because they feel they HAVE to, in order to loose weight that is causing them to feel self-conscious (And in general people feel that they NEED to go to the gym to reach their fitness goals… not the case!). My main idea is to make people realize that after recovery you may not go back to the gym ever again, and you WILLbe okay with it!


Most are convinced that they love working out at the gym, but a lot of people, post recovery, realize that the gym was never for them. They find a new passion along the way – whether that be yoga, pilates, swimming, cycling, boxing or even just going for walks and runs outside a few times a week. It will take time, trial and error to find something your truly passionate about, and sometimes others are lucky enough to just feel it. During my recovery, as much as I itched to get back to the gym to lift weights, I suddenly had an urge to start yoga too. Turns out that my body was telling me to take this path for a really good reason – and here I am today still practicing yoga… just not as much as I would like too. Yoga is a great option to test out during recovery. It teaches you mindfulness and how to stay intune with your body by always coming back to your breathe. During each class we begin in savasana and are told to breathe in deeply and release anything that is currently weighing down on us. Each practice we’re asked to dedicate it too something that has been bothering us and I leave each time feeling refreshed and at ease. If this sounds like something your interested in, go for it – I ENCOURAGE you too! If you don’t like it, so what? You tried… and that is a start, life is going to be all about trial and error.

As I mentioned before, I loved the gym even before my eating disorder began and I did enjoy going throughout – it NEVER felt like a chore. Thus, ever since I found my passion, it has helped to make some of the most important decisions of my life. That is why I am continuing to pursue a career based around it, now and into the future.


If you’re currently in a routine that you’re not passionate about, now is the time to change that. Finding your passion is going to open so many new opportunities, exciting challenges and help you understand where your suppose to go in life, relationships and even school. For example, if your studying for something right now, that involves a job later in the future, but you feel toxic learning the material, then leave it. It is going to be terrifying and people (like family) are going to be upset. But, why would you want to be stuck doing something you despise for the rest of your life, that you’re only doing because its making you money to pay the bills? Find something that is true to you and stays true to making you happy. Your life is going to change, and it is going to be crazy lifelong journey. Following your passions is what is going to make you successful.


If you are in recovery or currently suffering from eating disorder habits and feel that most of your life is a chore, stop and think – take your time. Spend days thinking about what you need to change in order to be better mentally, physically and emotionally. If your caught up in focusing on burning calories, take a few days away and let the discomfort sit with you, and like yoga, breathe through the pain until it becomes more and more comfortable. I did become addicted to the gym and feared having days away. But over time after taking days off or even rest weeks, I noticed by body either not changing or suddenly looking better than ever, my mentality and strength was getting stronger as I went back, and the discomfort of not being at the gym or doing any physical activity began to pass. I can now feel confident and safe taking weeks off from the gym for a vacation, to study, to hangout with friends instead, or when I am too tired to go! I also don’t feel the urge to go as much as I used too after eating a large meal or something sweet.


At the end of each day, when you’re in bed, is likely when you think the most about your life. This is the time to focus deep on what your passionate about, or what your body is telling you to feel passion towards – just like mine told me to start yoga! Every night focus on how you want to be living into the future and really question yourself if you ARE happy doing whatever it is that your doing right now.