12 Things

I found this idea through Amber Fillerup. I am not sure if she is the only one who does these, but I thought it was a cute idea! So here are twelve random facts about me, or small thoughts I am currently thinking about.

1. I have eaten oatmeal almost everyday for three years. It takes about 15 minutes to make my delicious bowl. 

2. Today I opted for poached eggs, avocado, tomatoes and beans on toast... I'm craving my bowl of oats more than ever.

3. I have the worlds most amazing parents. I am not the greatest at showing emotion, but I can't thank them enough!

4. I travelled a lot as a kid, so now that I am older, it is in my blood. OR (what I think) is that I was born to travel. I crave it. My top three choices TODAY are Hawaii (always will be, but I have got to do it the right way... like, no cheeping out), Bali and Greece. Vancouver would be super nice too!

5. I bought a DSLR for my trip to California in April. I took four photos and then used my iphone's portrait mode to take the rest. Safe to say, the store allowed me to return it. But, my friend is teaching me how to use his, so when I do purchase one for myself again I'll be a pro...maybe.

6. I want to start reading, but not a novel. I want books that will teach me a lesson, a new skill, etc. Any suggestions!?

7. This blog's main purpose is to help those struggling with body dysmorphia, anorexia and eating disorders. I want individuals to come to my blog as a safe haven, where they can grow into the most strongest and confident person they have ever been. Recovery is a struggle and I am 100% here to help.

8. I sit outside every morning (if it is not raining) to eat breakfast, edit and relax for a bit... mostly to tan. I spent way too much time inside last summer and there is no way I am spending this one inside!

9. I am going to make a conscious effort to stop making little complaints about the smallest of things... I always catch myself doing it, and it makes me a little annoyed at myself even!

10. I will never get tired of Mexican food. Burritos, chips and salsa, mini tacos, taco salads...mmm.

11. I love to cater to people more than buying things for myself. I love making food, doing small acts of kindness, buying small gifts, etc. for those around me!

12. It is so important to remember, that someone else's success is from long hours of work. They have put there time and effort into building everything they have, they weren't just handed it on a silver plate.