A Guide To Becoming Happier, Motivated and Confident

Having a plate full of responsibilities is stressful. Daily we find ourselves balancing school, work, fitness, family, friends and chores. Eventually lacking the motivation, energy and interest to find time too ourselves.

With age, I have realized how important it is to take some downtime. I had spent so much time being obsessed with my eating and body that I pushed away a lot of opportunities. Sure it would be nice to have this lost time back, but I can’t change what happened in the past. Though, moving forward, I can make each and everyday something to look forward too. This doesn’t mean I treat myself everyday to a massage, or have an entire day planned down to each hour. Instead, once a week, I plan something to look forward too – and sometimes things arise that are totally spontaneous!


A few things that I find help to keep me confident and motivated on the daily are:

Treating myself to something that involves beauty and fashion. This is either a spa day, getting my eyelashes done (or a fresh fill), or even a new pair of shoes I have had my eye on.

Enhance my knowledge. I like to spend time researching topics that interest me when I have the time. This would obviously include information on fitness and nutrition. I love to learn information on my own provided by articles on the internet or reading books that will help me understand how the body works. I am highly interested in Holistic Nutrition and hope to find good reads that will teach me about Vitamins that help with hormones, stress and complexion.

Bake or cook a meal for myself. Growing up I always spent time in the kitchen preparing something for my family to eat. I love finding new recipes to try out and share with them! I do choose baking, over cooking a meal often, this is because I prefer sweet over savoury. I do want to learn how to make french pastries since I LOVE macaroons – I will definitely be signing up for a class soon! My goal is to spend a day making macaroons at Ladurée in either NYC or Paris .

Dress up! I don’t wear makeup a lot or dress to impress. I like comfy and casual! But sometimes I do like to put a bit more effort into getting ready for myself. It makes me feel good and I instantly become more productive for the day – even if it is just going to a coffee shop to do some work!

Putting my phone down. I used to spend hours scrolling on my phone while at home, or when I was with family and friends. Detaching myself from technology and providing full attention to the atmosphere I am in has become something very important to me. I don’t want to miss out on spending time with those close to me because I was too busy checking the latest posts on Instagram.

Going for nature walks. I love the beauty nature has to offer, and I am lucky enough to live in an area surrounded by forests, trails and waterfronts that give me time to reflect and destress from the regular chaos of life.


Another way to mix up and enhance your routine would be to go out of your comfort zone! Stepping out of your barrier opens up so many doors for you! For example, it could be something such as starting to lift weights at the gym, but previously shying away from them, because those who use them are bigger and intimidating. I experienced this myself when I first started at a new gym, but I pushed my doubts aside and just went for it. By the end of my workout, around new people, I felt so empowered – and now I am stronger and more confident than ever!

Here are a few ideas to tryout to make this week count towards a happier and healthier you!

  1. Go to a new coffee shop to work on homework or to catch up with friends.
  2. Try a new drink at Starbucks, instead of having your regular.
  3. Treat yourself to a blowout at a dry bar – I have always wanted to go to Her Majesty’s Pleasure.
  4. Buy an outfit that you have had your eye on that is out of your regular choice of  ‘comfort zone’ clothing.
  5. Try a new workout or challenge yourself in the gym. I am excited to try Soul Cycle or Orange Theory Fitness in the near future!
  6. Finish a goal you have put off for too long. It could be something small such as applying to your dream job or finishing a book you started so long ago. Or, your goal is something big, like starting a Youtube channel or personal blog.
  7. Try a new recipe out or go to a new restaurant each week.

Seek out peace in all aspects of life, focus on happiness and keep glowing.