21 Things I Learned By 21

My birthday was a few days ago. My 20th year involved taking a year off of school to ‘figure myself out’, meeting some really cool people, travelling to some new and some old (but favourite) spots, struggling with relationships, battling my health, starting a blog and slowly began to find a balance. I experienced a vast amount of feelings - probably all of them.

Here are a few things I have learned over the years of my life. I’ll definitely forget them sometimes. Luckily, I’ll learn a thousand more going forward.

1. Age 21 is really not that old.

2. When you stop looking for happiness, you find it.

3. Admitting you’re wrong is far more valuable than trying to convince yourself you’re right. 

4. My parents may sometimes be wrong - REMEMBER IT IS because they want what is best for me.

5. NEVER settle just because something in life is holding you back. 

6. I'll never truly find out exactly who I am.

7. FOCUS on the now. Don’t worry about who you want to be tomorrow, next year or even who you were previous to now. Accept yourself at all stages of life - even at all your different body transformations as you grow.

8. People’s actions are from a lack in self confidence. Be nice to everyone.

9. Don't take anything for granted.

10. Life is not going to be fair. 

11. Have goals, but ENJOY the time spent along the way.

12. Your partner in life should want to grow and succeed with you.

13. Do what you love, and the connections, people and money will follow.

14. Instead of always wondering "what if", just put yourself out there.

15. Everything, everything happens for a reason… whether you believe it or not.

16. A mental illness is so easy to battle. It is almost so easy you laugh at yourself often, even when you still remain to struggle with bits of it.

17. Perfection does not exist.

18. Your diploma or degree doesn’t define you, who you present yourself as does.

19. Show gratitude for others. It feels good on both spectrums.

20. Stand up for yourself. Don’t let someone throw you around like garbage.

21. You are going to be okay. Remember, the biggest critic of you is yourself.