My Goals Going Into 2019

I have never been a “new year, new me” person. And, this post isn’t to say that I have become one. Rather, this post is to provide some helpful ideas that are fun, motivating and inspiring for years to come… not JUST because it is a new year. These are just a few things I want to work on now (aka immediately) and INTO my future as I grow up. So, no. This is not a new me, this is still me, just a better version to come.

I have spent far to much time lately feeling unmotivated. I have lost that spark that gets me out of bed each morning. I used to wakeup, eat breakfast, head to the gym for a sweat session, head home, make food for the day then head to work and let my day play out from there. I find myself now waking up, eating breakfast then talking myself out of everything. This includes going to the mall, a cafe to read, the gym, etc… the one thought that occurs now is “I’ll start tomorrow”… and this tomorrow has turned into months. I am writing down my goals, intentions and ideas for 2019 to hold myself accountable. Almost like a check list or to-do.

From here on, I have started each morning with journaling - something my boyfriend introduced me too. He even got me a cute pink journal to start with, along with a mug and candles that I think enhance the idea - personalizing my own morning. I write down what I am grateful for, what my goals are and how I am feeling, what I want to do and what I am planning to do. At night, I thought it would be a good idea to look back on my day and write down 3-5 things that I conquered during the day, what I want to work on, something new that I learned - just an overall reflection of my day.

Here are a few extra GOALS GOING INTO 2019 that I have prepared for myself, and ones I think others will find super helpful to kickstart the New Year and into the future!

  1. Gain motivation back by creating a morning routine.

  2. Get enough sleep - even if that means taking 1-2 hours of the day to rest.

  3. Focus more on the now, - ignore the what ifs or what/will happen now?

  4. Become more positive, stop focusing on negative of the day, a conversation, etc.

  5. Listen to others opinions, rather than ignore and assume you know what is best.

  6. Say yes less. (I say YES way too much, and I end up becoming burnt out… FAR TOO OFTEN).

  7. Meditate more. Breathe more.

  8. Focus on my overall health.

  9. Eliminate my fears one day at a time. If they come back, attack them immediately.

  10. Try new things. New restaurants, new cafes, new foods, learn a new language.

  11. Get out more. Be comfortable being away from home.

  12. Voice my opinion. Voice how I am feeling.

  13. Bake more. Cook more.

  14. Go for more walks outdoors.

  15. Spend more time reading in my spare time, rather than aimlessly scrolling through my phone.

  16. Go downtown more and spend the day browsing stores, sitting in cafes, etc.

  17. Compliment people.

  18. Organize my days better. Use my time to its max potential.

  19. Write down in my journal each morning and reflect each night back on my day.

  20. Wake up earlier. Go to bed earlier.

  21. Not use my phone for an hour before bed.

  22. Study hard this year to complete school.


  24. Stop overthinking and avoid worrying about perfection - just DO.

  25. Spend time with family.

  26. Travel. I am not kidding, I am SURE I was born to travel.

  27. Stop worrying about EVERYTHING.