10 Ways To Stop Doubting Yourself

How many times have you caught yourself admiring someone else for doing something totally insane or interesting, telling yourself you'll do it, but never actually following through? (I know I have a couple times!). If you answered yes, then what is stopping you? Is it time? Money? Embarrassment? Fear? What ever it may be, push those aside and focus on the big idea. If you try something new you may find out you were secretly good at it, maybe run into someone who benefits you, make a new friend who teaches a lesson or even find peace with yourself - an answer to all your stress. If it involves connecting with others on a bigger scale, for example to do business, the worst it could get is as simple as a 'no'. You haven't lost anything, but you gained a bit of confidence to step out of your comfort zone to ask. 


Money can be an issue in some circumstances, especially if it involves something with food, a new fitness class or the expense of travel. But, sometimes you really have to look at in from a different point of view. Is this money spent going to benefit you in the long run, or the short run? Will this money spent provide you with an eye opening opportunity or just be something to fulfill a small portion of your day because you are bored? Either way, it really doesn't matter depending on how you feel about spending that money. What I view it as, is if it is something new, a totally different experience from anything you have ever done or wanted to do before, then go for it! You might never get the chance again AND even if you don't think it can benefit you in the moment, it may actually be something you hold onto into the future. Lets say, after months of wanting to try out a fitness class, you sign up for it and realize how much you actually enjoyed it and are capable of. You spent so much of your time doubting yourself, that the actual waisted time was you thinking you couldn't do it. So, from a long run point of view, when you want to try something new, jump for it. You'll never really know unless you choose to go for it. What some people fail to realize, is that taking one to two hours from your day really does not matter. If you can work, go out with friends, take naps, go out to eat - you HAVE time to try something new.

Would you rather your dreams be crushed by failure or self-doubt? Personally, I think self-doubt kills more dreams than actually trying something totally insane and failing.



  1. Don't hold onto the fear of what others may think. You can't please everyone, but, if it truly makes YOU happy? That's what matters.

  2. Remind yourself of your achievements thus far. A lot of people tend to focus so much on ONE negative, and completely forget about ALL the positives. Write down your successes somewhere that you can always easily look back at. Having something like this to refer to is probably one of the most valuable strategies for self-growth.     

  3.  Keep going, no matter what. Continue making content, making daily posts, reaching out to companies or even trying new ways to get active. No matter how many times you hear 'no' or fail at a new skill, keep trying. There is always going to be a moment where everything comes together.

  4. Your not the ONLY one. There are creators, people trying new things and failing ALL OVER THE WORLD. Some may not even speak of it, but everyone is going through some form of self-doubt. But, the ones who take action? There stepping out of the phase of having a form of self-doubt, and slowly they are progressing towards something bigger. 

  5. Don't be embarrassed to ask for help. This does not make you a weak person, it actually helps give you a clearer image and answers some of the questions that have been floating around in your head. Thus, helping to find where this self-doubt exactly roots from.

  6.  Be in the NOW. Stop thinking about the past events that you regretted. Failure is all apart of life, accept this, look back at it and laugh. 

  7. You don't need to have confidence in that moment, but do show the behaviours of confidence. You might not feel confident doing something, and that's what is important. The actions come first, feelings after. How many times have you told yourself you'll do it when you 'have the confidence' too? Well how is that going to happen if you've never put yourself in a situation where you applied the acts of showing confidence? Confidence comes from stepping away from self-doubt. 

  8. Stop comparing. Everyone has their own day one. 

  9. Reach out to those who inspire you. Sometimes I like to message those who inspire me, whether that be for beauty, fitness, blogging or fashion. I ask them questions about their personal growth, how they got involved with something, and what motivates them. I know they might not reply - (they normally do actually), but it continues to keep a flame in me to keep going and to clear my mind on what I am aspiring. 

  10. Don't let self-doubt be your safe haven. How many times have you let self-doubt talk yourself out of doing something? My experience would be starting this blog. I thought "I want to start a blog, to help others with their mental health, while showing the world my own tips on food, beauty and travel that I learn along the way as I grow". But my self-doubt on multiple occasions has told me "your going to make a fool of yourself, what do you know about blogging, there is already so many bloggers out there". I still have some stepping stones to cross over, but, I started and I am not quitting. Each day as I sign onto my blog, go through emails and go shoot or create a new post, I am a little bit more proud of what I am doing. 


I want to look back on my life and be able to say "I am so proud of myself". How about you?