Perfect Sunday Morning Routine

Let me start this post off by saying the days of the week don't exactly exist to me anymore, and you do not need a NEW day, a new week or even a Monday for a fresh start. Each day to its own, and how you choose to use your time everyday is what really matters. Of course though, it is important to have those days where you can take a step back from work and your busy daily schedule. A 'regenerate' day to pamper yourself, be mindful and spend some quiet time alone. We tend to forget how important it is to be mindful. Being on the go all the time really takes a toll on our bodies, if we fail to listen to our body we eventually have a short span of time where we burn out and have no energy to even get out of bed - this is what we want to avoid! I have done this far too many times, and I have gotten sick quite often throughout this year because I did not know when to stop, and I became unmotivated to do little things such as make my bed - which actually makes a huge difference to how your day will be. I love getting into a freshly made bed everyday, otherwise, every time I walk into my room throughout the day and see an unmade bed it causes me to lie down for a bit. Through the year I had picked up a second job, worked on two online courses (biology and chemistry), tried to write blog posts, go to the gym and make time to be with close friends and family. I was EXHAUSTED and it ended up taking a toll on my mentality. Luckily though I find a balance, and I became aware of signs my body was giving me, so I adopted a day each week (does not matter which day) to relax. Make myself a nice meal, sleep in, maybe visit the mall, organize, edit, get fresh air and literally just sit as much as I can. So here are some ideas for a 'Pamper Day' when your feeling a 'me' day!




I try to get a bit more sleep in on these days because of early morning shifts and late nights during the week. But not to much because the longer I lay in bed, the harder it is to get up haha! I give myself at most an extra hour!


I like to take a warm shower first thing when I get up on these days, it is always nice to start the day feeling fresh! Normally I focus mostly on giving my face a nice refresh, and I use one my favourite face products too on this day! I was introduced to Dermalogica about two years ago when I went for a facial. A lot of the times I had gotten a facial before, I didn't really grow a liking to the products used. But, after having Dermalogica products used on my face, it had never felt cleaner or healthier! My top three favourites to use are their Essential Cleansing SolutionDaily Microfoliant (which is rice based), and then when I dry my face I apply the Active Moist. I find a lot of face creams make my skin oily almost immediately, but with this one, it leaves my face feeling light, fresh and oil-less! And it keep my skin hydrated through the day. 


Coffee to me is like a comfort drink. I love the taste of a freshly brewed coffee, either over ice or served hot, but I don't drink one everyday. I am a huge tea advocate though, so depending on how I feel that morning, I'll pick between the two. Sometimes, I opt to take a walk to grab a coffee or tea - and that way I get a little activity in for the morning.


Since I have so much time, I like to make myself a bigger breakfast. This could be a breakfast taco, homemade pancakes/waffles or even a hearty BIG bowl of oatmeal (duh). I'll put a lot of effort into my meal and make it look super pretty so I can sit out in the backyard, without my phone or laptop for distraction, and enjoy it!


My HUGE pile of laundry finally gets thrown into the wash! It's always a GREAT feeling to finally be able to have enough time to fold and reorganize my clothes and closet, they tend to get messy really quick since I am guilty of throwing things and leaving them lying around to find stuff to wear...oops, sorry mom!


I don't like to do anything to crazy regarding my blog or social media. I take this day to jot down blog ideas, work on drafts I have saved for future posts and edit some photos. I really don't plan what I am going to work on, I just go with how I am feeling. I could be in the middle of writing a post and have the urge to stop and start writing a different one! I have a little notebook filled with blank pages that I like to carry with me incase I get an idea for a new post, so I always refer back to it on this day too organize it and expand on my ideas. 


At this point the late afternoon is entirely up to me! Maybe go out with my mom to browse some shops, grab a bite to eat, go for a walk along the beach, bake a new recipe or go hangout with a friend. Anything that helps me unwind and brings excitement is what is important for today!