What I Eat in a Day: Healthy Meals

As a student wishing to study Food and Nutrition, I do choose and follow a very whole-food based diet (most of the time…with some indulgences every so often). I feel I have the highest energy, sleep better and I am never left feeling unsatisfied when I eat this way. Since I do weight train, my body requires a lot more calories than most people my size. This is due to my muscles being able to burn more calories at rest way after I have completed a workout… I also have a CRAZY fast metabolism. I also eat my last ‘meal’ late at night, post-gym, because I go to the gym at 9:30 and get home around 12. CARBS AT NIGHT DON’T EFFECT YOU. I also aim to eat around 100g of protein a day.

I do find it hard though to hit such high calories, and sometimes I do need to pack a lot in at one meal towards the end of the day if I am low on my intake. I loose weight pretty easy… a little too easy, and considering I had been malnourished for many years previously, that gives a reason as to why my body needs SO MUCH food (not complaining). Since sometimes I do end up needing to pack a lot of calories in, I try to really space out my intake during the day over six meals. Some people follow an eating habit of intermittent fasting – which I try on the odd day – and it seems to work for them! I do like doing this sometimes if it is super early in the morning and I would rather pack my first meal for a few hours later in the day, but a lot of the time it is not necessary. I also prefer to space my meals out because I don’t get so bloated having to eat smaller nutrient and caloric dense foods all at once.

– Quaker Rolled Oats
– Sometimes I use water as a base or Califia Farms almond milk
– Shredded carrots or zucchini (one vegetable serving)
– Fruit – I prefer to eat berries or fruits like kiwi, passion fruit or apples in the morning – instead of bananas
– Nut butter
– Cinnamon
– Hemp seeds
– Shredded coconut

With breakfast – or just before – I like to have a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

– Large green apple
– Greek Yogurt
– KIND Bar – my favourites are the dark chocolate nuts and sea salt or the almond coconut cashew chai

Sometimes I will have a green or peppermint tea around this time – or a cup of coffee if I really need one with coconut oil mixed in.

– Chickpeas
– Sweet potato
– Eggs
– Spinach
– Tomatoes
– Alfalfa Sprouts
– Avocado
– Tahini drizzle
– Handful of Mary’s Gone Crackers

– Banza Chickpea Pasta – this really helps me hit my protein goal, and provide me with carbohydrates!
– Homemade tomato sauce or ‘cheese’ sauce
– Green peas

– Quinoa by Ancient Harvest (what I currently use) and boiled in vegetable broth with some lemon juice
– Broccoli – or any vegetables I have in the fridge
– Chicken breast baked and seasoned
– I usually like to make a sauce or use hummus!

I normally go to the gym after dinner, and I like to have a tea just before to help settle my stomach.

– Toast – I like the Food For Life brand
– Banana
– Peanut Butter